A quick post

Just a quick post because I should actually post something on here. Since my dad is probably one of two people who will see this, I should probably tell him what those achievements are on the right hand side of the page. Those are the most recent accomplishments my main characters in World of Warcraft have gotten. The first one is my main, Zurana, followed by my healer, Syrana, and my new death knight, Zurakka. Those will probably change at a faster pace than I post.

I think that’s it, maybe I’ll post again soon!

3 thoughts on “A quick post”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jenn (with two Ns). I hope you have a GREAT day.
    P.S. Congrats on the Recent Achievements, but I can't see them.

  2. Any “new” achievements? Hard to tell what&038; new and what might be old.

    Hope you and Andrew are well. Was nice to talk with you the other day.

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